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What our clients have to say

At Studio 180 we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and results. Please see below what some of Studio 180's clients have to say.

Kate Ward
Housewife & Full Time Mum

"I have trained with David for over 10 years and still look forward to my sessions each week. He manages to keep the sessions varied and exciting, I never know what to expect. I have had type 1 diabetes since the age of 4 so keeping fit is paramount to my well-being, David understands this and has helped me to develop excellent motivation and fabulous fitness levels. Couldn't live without my personal training, it makes my week!"

Nicky Morley
Human Resources - Care Home

"I didn’t enjoy going to the gym and I was never quite sure if I was using the equipment properly. I train with David but I have also trained with Briony and they are as knowledgeable and professional as each other. Just before I started training with David I had completed the 5k Cancer Research Race for Life. I would never have believed that I could complete a sprint triathlon and half marathon but I have now achieved both these goals. I feel fitter, healthier and training with David has become part of my weekly routine. I really enjoy the training sessions."

Mitchel Lenson

"I started training with David over 6 years ago. During that time I have had a one hour session weekly. In general I train 3-4 times a week including the hour with David. Over the years my fitness has improved dramatically as has my upper body shape. I have lost weight around my waist and thighs and am now the smallest waist size I have been since my late 20’s (over 35 years ago!)I have had the occasional session with Briony too. They are reliable, friendly and very very good at what they do whilst being caring and very aware of overall health issues. I am fairly driven and motivated individual but have found that the motivation and help I get from them has been key to my overall health and awareness."

Julie Button
PA Tesco's Head Office

"I first met David in October 2008 after having surgery on my back when I wanted to get fit again but didn't want to risk damaging myself further due to lack of knowledge. I then introduced him to my husband who has since introduced both David and Briony to two of our friends. Every session that we do is different which stops boredom setting in and David is always happy to prepare extra programmes for me to do between our training sessions or when I go on holiday to make sure that all my workouts are effective and cover all the muscle groups."